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Turkish Mens National Team Beats World Ranked Top 10

Turkish National Team Beats World Ranked Top 10 for First Time in Program History

The Turkish men’s lacrosse team returned to Algarve, Portugal to compete in the 2024 EuroLax Sixes Cup. The most recent field included more competition in this year’s Men’s bracket with the inclusion of Germany and Brazil and a total of 12 international teams competing in the Olympic approved sixes style of lacrosse. The team included several Turks from around the world, including Türkiye, Germany, England, and the United States. Notable…

Turkish Mens National Sixes - Greece

Turkish Men’s Lacrosse Wins Second Consecutive Sixes Bronze Medal

The Turkish men’s lacrosse team continued their success in the International Olympic Style Sixes Lacrosse format. At the 2023 Eurolax Sixes Cup held in Greece, the Turkish National Sixes team captured their second bronze medal of 2023, following their 3rd place finish in the previous Sixes Tournament held in Algarve, Portugal.  The Thessaloniki, Greece tournament was also the first since the formal reintroduction of lacrosse as an Olympic sport. Fielding…

Turkey Lacrosse Wins 3rd in Sixes

Turkish Men’s Lacrosse Earns Bronze Medal at European Lacrosse Tournament

The Turkish men’s lacrosse team recently achieved tremendous success earning 3rd Place in an International Olympic Style Lacrosse Event. The team included several Turkish Americans, all of whom had played lacrosse in the US college and international level. The team included captain Bertan Unal (Providence College) Deniz Piatt, (Kean University), goaltender Jeremy Smith (William Penn University), Ege Zeybeck (Lehigh University Club), Jon Uysal (McGill University), and Hakan Atillasoy (Ursinus College…