2014 Turkish National Lacrosse Team Celebrates

Chronological History of Turkish Lacrosse

• November 2009- Turkey Lacrosse was established.
• November 2009- Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Group was established.
• June 2010 – Turkey Lacrosse was accepted as the 38th FIL Member.
• August 2011 – The first refereeing training in Turkey Lacrosse was received.
• August 2011 – Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Group played its first international match in Sofia, Bulgaria.
• December 2011 – Turkey was accepted as the 25th Member of Lacrosse ELF.
• April 2012 – İzmir Lacrosse Club was established.
• June 2012 – Buzzer Lacrosse Open, the first lacrosse tournament held in Turkey, is played in Istanbul.
• August 2012 – Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Group participated in Sofia Lacrosse Cup.
• September 2012 – Ankara Lacrosse Community was established.
• October 2012 – Turkey Lacrosse Association was established as an official non-profit organization in New York, USA.
• November 2012 – The first ELF semi-sponsored Istanbul Lacrosse Training was given.
• June 2013 – Organizing the first try-outs as Turkey Lacrosse Association.
• July 2013 – Unofficial friendly matches with the Israel Lacrosse Federation were held in Israel.
• September 2013 – The 2nd Turkey Lacrosse Open (Formerly Buzzer Lacrosse Open) was organized in Alanya, Antalya with the support of Alanya Municipality, with the participation of many domestic and international clubs.
• December 2013 – Turkey Lacrosse Association unofficial 2nd Turkey Lacrosse Auditions were held.
• June 2014 – First Turkey Lacrosse Intercity Lacrosse Championship with the participation of 3 teams was held in Ankara.
• July 2014 – Turkey Lacrosse Participated in the 2014 FIL World Open Lacrosse Championship organized in Denver, Colorado, United States
• September 2014 – 3rd Traditional Turkey Lacrosse Open Tournament was held in Alanya, Antalya with the contributions of Alanya Municipality.
• April 2015 – Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Group participated in the Ales Hrebesky Memorial Indoor Lacrosse Tournament, Europe’s most rooted indoor lacrosse tournament, in Prague, Czech Republic.
• May 2015 – The 2nd Turkey Lacrosse Intercity Lacrosse Tournament was held in İzmir with the participation of 3 teams.
• September 2015 – Turkey Lacrosse competed for the first time at the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Tournament in Syracuse, New York, United States.
• April 2016 – Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Group participated in the Ales Hrebesky Lacrosse Tournament in Prague, Czech Republic.
• March 2017 – Istanbul Sultans Lacrosse Ensemble gained the status of ‘Association and took the name Istanbul Sultans Sports Club Association.
• July 2017- Turkey Lacrosse participated in the FIL European Indoor Lacrosse Championship held in Turku, Finland.
• July 2018 – Turkish Lacrosse participated in the 2018 FIL World Open Lacrosse Championship.
• September 2019 – Turkey Lacrosse was invited to the 2019 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.
• July 2021 – Turkish Lacrosse has been invited to the 2021 ELF European Lacrosse Championship. The tournament, which was postponed due to the pandemic, will now be held in April 2022.
• April 2022 – Turkey Lacrosse participated in the 2022 ELF Lacrosse Championships.
• September 2022 – Turkey Lacrosse wins division in the 2022 PLL Sixes Tournament.
• February 2023 – Turkey Lacrosse wins 3rd Place at the 2023 Euro Sixes Cup!

Past Highlights in International Events

The Turkish National Lacrosse Team came to the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships with a stellar Defense, ranking #5 by lax.com in the tournament statistics.

Turkish National Lacrosse Team Defense

Also, in 2014, Turkish Goalie Jake Adoni was a ‘brick-wall’ in the cage as he led the tournament in Save Percentage.

(91 saves on 141 shots – 68%)

Jake Adoni

In 2015, the Turkish National Box Lacrosse Team had 3 members in the 2015 WILC top #5 Points Leaders –

*Anthony Terranova, Dave DeRiso, and Joseph Rainoldi.

Anthony Terranova
*2015 WILC Point Leader
Dave DeRiso
Joseph Rainoldi

The Turkish National Team saw a rising star in Ege Zeybek as he tied for #5 in total points in the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships.

(22 Goals, 11 Assists, 33 Points)

Ege Zeybek

The Turkish National Sixes Team [New Olympic Style of Lacrosse] won 3rd Place at the 2023 European Sixes Cup!

Turkey Lacrosse 3rd Place Euro Sixes Cup
3rd Place National Sixes Team

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