2015 Turkish National Box Lacrosse Team

About the Turkish Lacrosse Association

Turkish Lacrosse Association (TLA) started its activities in 2009 upon the initiatives of Founding President Patrick Dougherty in order to popularize lacrosse sport in Turkey without profit and to bring together the current lacrosse players. In order for the sport of lacrosse to be recognized and popularized in Turkey, the lacrosse branch was explained and promoted through various media outlets and social media. In this process, steps were taken and applications were made for the recognition of our country in international organizations at the same time. In this context, our organization has been accepted as a member by the International Lacrosse Federation (Federation of International Lacrosse) and the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF).
Our team cooperates with more than 25 Turkish passport lacrosse athletes who play in various teams abroad as well as their athletes in Turkey. While aiming to establish a team in Bursa in addition to our currently active teams in İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara, our organization continues these initiatives and studies to increase the recognition of lacrosse sport in the country and to accept it as an official sports branch.

Current Leadership

Ryan Danehy
Ryan Danehy- President of TLA
Tyler Rinko
Tyler Rinko – Head Coach of National Team

Contact Us

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