Sofia Lacrosse Cup

Sofia Lacrosse Cup 2011



1. Andreas Rossband (Germany)
2. Barbara Zelenay (Slovakia)
3. Jon Harrop (UK)
4. Buck Hofmann (USA)
5. Jim Price (Canada)
6. John Dixon (Canada)
7. Eric Vaal (Canada)

Men’s Teams:

1. Bulgarian Khans (Bulgaria)
2. Vienna Monarchs (Austria)
3. Chichko Lax (UK)
4. Turkey Lacrosse (Turkey)
5. Sundbyberg Lacrosse (Sweden)

Friday, 19.08.2011

12:00 Opening ceremony
12:15 Vienna Monarchs vs. Sundbyberg Lacrosse
13:30 Bulgarian Khans vs. Chichko Lax
15:00 Vienna Monarchs vs. Turkey Lacrosse
16:30 Sundbyberg Lacrosse vs. Chichko Lax

Saturday, 20.08.2011

11:00 Bulgarian Khans vs. Vienna Monarchs
12:30 Sundbyberg Lacrosse vs. Turkey Lacrosse
14:00 Chichko Lax vs. Vienna Monarchs
15:30 Bulgarian Khans vs. Turkey Lacrosse

Sunday, 21.08.2011

11:00 Turkey Lacrosse vs. Chichko Lax
12:30 Bulgarian Khans vs. Sundbyberg Lacrosse
13:30 All matches from the Cup will end
14:00 Special Match: Bulgarian Lacrosse & Friends vs. All-Stars Team
16:00 Awards ceremony

All matches from the official tournament are 2 x 25 minutes. 10 minutes break between the parts. Before start next match every teams will have time to warm up.

The All-Star game (the one at 14:00 on Sunday) will be special match, to celebrate our special anniversary – 5 years of lacrosse in Bulgaria. All the players from all teams will participate which means both teams will have close to 30 players, and so we’ll play a format of 4 x 20mins running clock. It will be a great opportunity to showcase the very best of the game and to have some good fun. The Awards ceremony will take place after this game.

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