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abdallah youcef ·

Very intresting, thank you

gillian edmunds ·

How great to see Lacrosse developing in Turkey. We as a family have been involved in Lacrosse for years, my husband Graham at Poynton Club in England and my son Mat is a lacrosse coach in US. I have an apartment in Turkey but never thought I would hear that they had a Lacrosse team. Hope we get to see some games in the Didim area at some stage.

Patrick Dougherty ·

Thank you for the kind words. Please check out for our annual international tourney.

cheryl elkins ·

hi there – you have some young fans in the US who were pleasantly surprised to learn that Turkey is playing lacrosse – here’s a photo of them before their “lacrosse olympics” earlier this month

Patrick Dougherty ·

Very cool. We hope some will be there in Denver for the World Games cuz if so, we will be there as well.

Aylin Shamp ·

hi Patrick – congratulations on bringing lacrosse to Turkey! Alex has been following you… and me and the kids are visiting in Istanbul …. best of luck!!

Patrick Dougherty ·

I know a bit late but netter late than never…

Caner Newton ·

Hello how are you doing? My name is Caner Newton, i was forwarded this information by coach Bo…I am half Turkish/half American, i have played lacrosse all my life. I played in North Carolina, was all state four years in a row. After high school, first i went to ECU to play football, then eventually i went to a school called Lees Mccrae college for lacrosse and earned all conference honors their my sophomore year…Long story short i still love the game and would love to play for Turkey and Read More

Tyler (Yasar) Conley ·

American/Turk here, awsome to see Turkey playing Lacrosse!!! What a great game. Cannot wait to see Turkey in International play one day.

Patrick Dougherty ·

Thank you!! Do you play lacrosse?

William “Buck” Hofmann ·

Hi Guys, I ref’ed the 2011 Sofia Cup and was astounded to see a lacrosse team from Turkey and even more so that you played so well. I did get a chance to talk with a couple of the players, but not enough of them. I wish my new Turkish Brothers in Lacrosse all the best. If I can be of help, please let me know.

Patrick Dougherty ·

Thank you Buck!!!

Mike McMillan ·

Nice job getting this going. I have been playing lacrosse in Canada for over 45 years now, and I still play in Master’s Box and Field. Great game, filled with great people. Good luck. If you have any stories to share please go to and become a member and share some stories.

Patrick Dougherty ·

Mike, I will post some stories on your website for sure. Thank you for supporting us!!!

Yusuf Yilmaz ·

Hey man i like what your doing about spreading lax across turkey everyone possible. Im a Turkish youngin living in america playing lacrosse. I want to rep turkish lacrosse so if you guys could get some sweet shoot arounds let me know or like decals or something. Thanks bro

Patrick Dougherty ·

We will be having national team try-outs in the US early next year. I will keep you posted. We are preparing for the 2014 World games in Denver.

Mike Hyland ·

Pat and TL -Congrats! The site looks great and keep up the good work.

Patrick Dougherty ·

Thanks Mike!!

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